It's time to put your crypto views aside and seize the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in front of you. Traders have witnessed the emergence and development of a trillion-dollar asset class. The market for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the rest is so unique that attempts to measure it in terms of gold, currencies, or equities have all been defeated by near-zero correlations.

It's debatable if Bitcoin's $0.8 trillion valuation will hold in 2022 and beyond, but aggressive traders are frequently more interested in the fleeting than the permanent. Price movement that is potentially beneficial is paving the way to blue-chip or pink-sheet status.

How to Trade Bitcoin

As many futures traders know, putting your perspective aside in favor of letting the market determine your position can be both freeing and stress-relieving. Price action is the term for this notion, and it might go one of two ways, depending on your mood:

BTC \ Bitcoin for Contrarians

Contrarians may detect a mean reversion opportunity in Bitcoin's 2021 thus far. Since the beginning of the year, BTC has doubled in value, returned to unaltered, and then returned to the center of this range by the time of this writing. In a period when shares have seemed to only move up, selling at an upside extreme and purchasing at a downward extreme has been profitable.

BTC \ Bitcoin for Trend Followers

Followers of the trend viewed the same promise through a different lens. BTC establishing a new high early in the year only to top it a month later may be interpreted as an upward breakout, while the fall in the Spring followed by a further decline in the Summer could be interpreted as an upside breakout.
Regulated Futures on Crypto
The integration of this novel market into established platforms for regular traders has been a rough road, but products like Bitcoin futures, Micro Bitcoin futures, and the upcoming Small Cryptocurrency futures have lately presented a bright light due to their ability to short and pricing transparency.
Contract size and costs should decrease as the asset class matures and new items are introduced, allowing the average person's account to be accommodated. Small Crypto is a start in the right way, and it will hopefully assist crypto skeptics in grasping this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


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  3. The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) in the United States classifies Bitcoin and Ethereum as commodities.
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