About Us

In order to teach individuals how to trade profitably, we expose them to the world of currency trading and offer training materials. In addition, we are a group of traders that help one another out in our everyday trading endeavors.

When we first began trading currencies, there were no iPhones or selfie sticks, and online trolls were still charming baby goblins. We came to the realization that it was quite challenging to locate knowledge online for new traders in general, and even more challenging to locate anything instructive that could be applied to our personal trading.

Even when we did come across something intriguing, the information was dispersed and only addressed a few themes specifically relevant to currency. There was nowhere for beginners to learn forex trading. It was left to us to research subjects like support and resistance on one website, MACD on another, trading psychology on a third website, risk management on a fourth website, and so on. #GooglingProblems

We were certain a better solution existed.

So, we created it.

One of the least worst websites for learning how to trade the currency market has been fxnationsignal.com for more than ten years. Paris was still more well-known than Kim when fxnationsignal.com launched in 2005, before the Justin Bieber period, and the website included a lot of instructional articles full with humor.

Currently, we provide articles on forex news, trading techniques, market analysis, and central banker love triangle rumors. This page has all the information you need to get started trading currencies.

We make no claims to be great traders or to be market wizards. Additionally, we're not here to blast naïve victims with "hot tips" that burn pocket holes.

You won't hear us making mythical promises like having the ability to earn a quadrillion dollars per day so you may erect your dream mansion on a tiny, private island complete with an active volcano and several lava pools.

The purpose of fxnationsignal.com is to shield novice traders from losing all of their capital in the forex market, either as a result of their own bad trading decisions or as a result of being duped by the Brotherhood of Evil Marketing Wizards, the retail forex industry's equivalent of snake oil salesmen who deceive the unwary with false promises of easy money and holy grails.

Avoid blowing up is the first trading rule. Live to trade another day.

Our mission
To give our readers with well-researched, valuable news, statistics, and information. It comes in the shape of our review sections, which include CFD and Stockbrokers, Crypto exchanges, Wallets, and more financial goods review on the way, in addition to daily news and live data.

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